All About Glass Bottles

The battle between glass bottles and plastic bottles does not seem to want to die. The debate still continues about the safety of each. The FDA may have approved plastic but safety issues still arise and people want know which among the two are safer. The choice comes down to you as the user. It is up to you to choose either glass or bottles based on your preferences and which you find most convenient.

Plastic vs. Glass Bottles

Glass vs. Plastic

The Safety

  • When compared to plastic, glass bottles like the practical mason jars are safer in that they lack BPA. BPA [bisphenol A] is a chemical found in plastic containers. This chemical has been shown to cause several health issues including behavioral problems and prostate issues.
  • The FDA has, however, cleared plastics saying that the amount of this chemical present in plastic bottles is not so high.
  • When it comes to other issues, glass bottles lose out. For example, they can shatter easily and cause severe damage. Shards of glass can cut and cause bleeding with ease. Thus you should avoid bottles made of glass or keep them at a safe distance if you have kids at home.

The Convenience

  • Plastic bottles are more convenient. They can be taken to places with ease without the problem of breaking or shattering. You can also give them to your baby without worrying about anything.
  • Glass bottles on the other hand are not really convenient. The fact that they are easily breakable and are heavy weighs them down.
  • On the brighter side though, glass can hold high temperature better than plastics.

Old Guam Glass Bottles and Mason Jars Bulk

If you have old glass bottles, it is important to make sure they are clean before using them. You should always wear gloves and protective eyewear while handling glass. You need a sanitizing solution in order to clean them. The solution should be mixed in hot water in the ratio 1 tsp. to 1 gallon. Use a bottlebrush to scrub the bottles inside as well as on the outside. Bottlebrushes are specifically designed to serve this purpose of cleaning the bottles on the inside. Rinse in the same solution and place them upside down to dry completely before use.

If you need to cut glass, you should be aware of how to cut glass bottles. Remember that cutting glass bottles requires a lot of care and attention because anything can go wrong. Make sure you have knowledge regarding the basics of cutting glass before attempting something like this.

For those who are looking to buy bottles made of glass, there are mason jars bulk that you could go for. They are reliable, affordable and of good quality. Check them out now!